Hidden Object Games

Do you love intellectual challenge? Do you enjoy games where you have to show your attentiveness and ingenuity doing some sort of mental exercise or completing a gripping quest? Then welcome to our amazing hidden object games! They will surely keep you busy for long hours!

Can you find the unfindable?

Hidden object games are where the player searches for various things hidden in a location. All this is usually wrapped in an interesting plot, with all sorts of fascinating riddles, colorful characters, humor and lively dialogues, sometimes seasoned with spectacular cutscenes. This approach works not only to attract, but also to retain the player.

When the genre was in its infancy, the storyline in such games was weak. To create a successful product that will capture gamers, modern developers rely on narrative. Search scenes can be designed as rooms of an old mansion, street locations and even space landscapes. The main character is usually the player, so we don’t see the hero. But also one or more characters are often weaved into the game, who act as guides showing you around and explaining to you how to play.

Get ready to rake your brains!

Since it’s basically a variety of puzzles, logic is a must everywhere: in the sequence of levels, in the trajectory of the characters, in the way the ending of the story turns out. All hidden objects must correspond to the location and the situation (you must admit, it is strange to find a painting by a famous artist in a car dealership). The discovered items are either used for some task – for instance, you find a bucket of paint and use it to update the facade of the building – or by searching you earn points to achieve a small goal and further progress.

So that the player doesn’t get bored, the developers often alternate easy levels with very difficult ones: they limit the time, add obstacles, encrypt the names of the desired items. Additional features can be implemented in the form of search inventory (with one click, the player can get help in the search), in-game events and competitions that pique the interest and help form a community. You can join it too by trying our great hidden object games online and have fun solving tricky riddles and unraveling thrilling mysteries!