Puzzle Games

Our brain is a muscle that needs regular exercise. If you don’t load it with diverse tasks, the connections between neurons will weaken and you will notice that it becomes more difficult for you to concentrate, your memory or attentiveness gets worse. Intellectual ability, of course, doesn’t go away – you just need to give it a good boost to re-start the rusted gears. That’s what puzzle games are for. It is a fun and effective way to expand your horizons, improve your logic and resourcefulness. With their help, you can increase not only general characteristics, but also knowledge in certain areas. Well, are you ready to test what your intelligence is capable of? Then let’s get started!

Better logic, memory and focus!

There are a huge number of puzzle games that differ in design, gameplay and difficulty level. Some of them are reminiscent of the classic games we played as children – for example, you need to put together blocks of different shapes to make one figure. Or rotate and move elements to fill in the voids on the screen. These games train visual perception. If you want to improve your visual memory, why not play mahjong? The goal is to remember the position of the cards, and after they are turned over, find identical ones in the minimum number of moves.

And this is just the beginning. Another popular kind of puzzle games is where objects must be sorted according to some characteristic – for example, by color. You need to move balls of different colors into separate containers, choosing only those that are on top. Or untangle a knot of multicolor ropes that will get thicker and more difficult with each level. And can you pour color-coded water into corresponding glasses having figuring out the tricky system of pipes through which it flows? For such a task, you will also need knowledge of physics. There are math puzzles, word puzzles… Anything you can think of!

Think outside the box!

But the most interesting category of such games is those where there is no specific scenario for solving the problem and you need to be creative by finding your own path. Let’s say there are two people who cannot meet because there are obstacles between them. You have to remove these obstacles so as not to create new difficulties. Or save everyone from the burning house by opening some doors and closing others until the time runs out. Train not only logic, but also ingenuity with our incredible puzzle games online!