Games for girls

It is a myth that only boys like playing video games. There are amazing entertainments for you, young ladies, and we have gathered an entire collection of them on this resource. All games are incredibly interesting and will surely let you have a really good time. If you like princesses and their beautiful dresses, you are more than welcome to try a dress up game, where you will choose an outfit for a charming character. Whether the main heroine is going to a themed party or simply wants to look amazing in her daily life, you will have a chance to help her when choosing clothes and accessories. Numerous dresses, shoes, hats, and jewelry can be combined in a very creative and stylish manner, so don’t miss your chance to become a stylist. Also, girls like cooking games! You can prepare tasty dishes using different products and offer them to anyone in a game. Kitchens in these games are highly-equipped, so you will have an access to a great deal of tools, plates, knives, and technical devices. You will prepare exotic dishes like Asian foods or something classical and simple like hot dog or pizza.

However, girls are not only about clothes and dishes! They are also great adventurers, who can show their strength and dedication to duty! Try adventurous titles and enter fantastic worlds right now. And if you are not that adventurous type, you can always try some of the cozy life simulators, let’s say famous Sims. There you need to take care of family members and make them feel comfortable. Track their emotional state, let them follow their career dreams, and become the happiest people in the world. You will test and improve your designer skills creating interiors for rooms and decorating houses, play with Angry Birds in a famous arcade, join the fairies and princesses in their fairy-tale worlds, and more! The famous puzzle with elements of adventure called Candy Crush Saga is for those girls, who value stories, challenging tasks, and… like sweets, cakes, and donuts! No matter what game you choose, this is going to be a great experience. Adventures, challenges, interesting tasks, and simply relaxing and adorable stories are all present here. Be aware that all the presented titles are absolutely free to play. You can launch them right from your browser, phone or tablet and play online. No downloads needed! The choice of offered games is endless, so try them all right now and have a good time!