Horror games

Being scared is something people seek for. Why not? Fear is a very strong emotion and it makes us really thrilled. The best way to get that kind of an adrenaline boost is to play a video game! Who needs all those dangerous extreme activities that can end up badly? No need to hurt yourself or get into the danger now – just visit this section and have a wide range of fear-provoking, spooky and strange games. Some of them are simple and pretty straightforward – you have an enemy and he/she is so scary and evil, that you’d better avoid him/her! Indeed, let’s take one of the most famous horror series – Granny. Here you are locked inside of an old house with an old lady. However, this is not that kind of a granny, who makes cookies and brings you warm milk when you are going to bed. No, this one is a real old witch, who has only one purpose – to scare you to death! You will trapped with her inside of a large house having only five days to survive and escape. If you fail to do that on time, well, nobody knows what is going to happen next! But we bet that you don’t really want to know about the evil plans of this mad old woman, so just run away from there.

If you are found of games like Granny, then you have to play another similar title – Baldi’s Basics. Here you are going to find yourself in a school pretty strange one, we have to say. However, the school is not as strange as the math teacher that works there. He looks weird and behaves like a maniac! You will receive tasks from him and will do your best to solve them, however, you will get frustrated very soon – most tasks are absurd and they cannot be solved at all! This doesn’t bother your teacher and he will get very angry at you. Run away from Baldi as fast as you can or he will catch you and punish with a gigantic ruler! If you like the horror games with sense of humor, then you should enter the world of memes and gigs – Troll Face Quest! The traditional games from the series are not scary, they are just about trolling and getting trolled. This part is different – here the humor is black (very black) and the jokes can be fatal! Join any of the described titles and test your nerves. There are even more of them, the ones where you will meet monsters, zombies, vampires, psychopaths, serial killer, and other “strange” guys! Get a thrill right now, but try not to get scared to the grey hair! Stay sane and happy playing! All presented games are free and can be played online right on this resource, so enjoy.