Survival Games

In survival games, you find yourself face-to-face with the hostile environment. It is not easy to manage your everyday life like eating, having a shelter, being warm, and so on when you are in the post-apocalyptic world. And things become even worse when this world is full of horrible monsters like zombies that want to eat your brain and chomp your legs off. This means that besides food and warmth, you will also have to find some weapons, medicine, and shelter that won’t be accessible for the hellish creatures. There are survival games that put you in other but no less hostile conditions. For example, you find yourself in the middle of the battle field and your life is in great danger because other participants will fight you to survive. You will have to do your best to get some weapons, find yourself some defense and take part in a furious battle – only one person will stay alive here! This subgenre is called battle royale and it is usually a multiplayer, where you enter a large server and play with real people from all corners of the globe. You will find this games on our website and namely – in this section! Try famous Fortnite, a very addictive and well-done title of the genre and maybe the best representative of it! However, there are more competitive survivals and you are recommended to try them all! There are also horror games, where players need to stay alive at all costs. In most cases, these are the games, where you need to find your way out of a place of imprisonment. The fact that you were locked somewhere and need to run away is pretty unpleasant. But there is usually more. You also will stumble across strange and very dangerous creatures, who will try to kill you before you run away. In some survivals you will act as a lonely warrior – a single man against the whole world. This is not easy to handle something like that. The other games provide you with an opportunity of teaming up with other players. This means that there is a danger and you unite to stay alive! Some participants may have different obligations and roles to make your survival more likely. Whether you prefer to fight against the hostilities of the world alone or with your friends – you can try any! Remember, you can always call your buddies to join you in the game, but if they are not willing to support you – you will always find comrades and competitors on the online platform! Try the games in this section if you like sharp emotions!