Among Us Games

<p>Space has always been luring the mankind. And now, finally, after decades of laborious research, the first intergalactic rocket is ready for launch! The astronauts have gathered aboard to celebrate their departure. But… something suddenly goes wrong and the ship just won’t start. It hangs helplessly at the orbit without moving a single inch. There must be a breakage somewhere. So the whole crew disperses throughout the vessel looking for its source. What they don’t realize is that it’s not an accident – one of the people in this rocket set the failure up to make sure the vessel doesn’t take off. Who knows what his motives are… But he is obviously ready to do anything for that. Even if it means messing with the oxygen generator and smothering the entire team. Or silently kill them one by one pretending to be a friendly colleague all the time… In Among Us, your goal is to reveal and execute the murderer – or kill all of your crew mates!</p><h3>There is a killer aboard!</h3><p>The whole thing takes place on board of a vast spaceship. It has many departments and rooms where you’ll be performing your daily tasks as an astronaut. If you are the traitor, you won’t be able to do that, but everyone else can notice that you’re just fooling around, so you have to imitate hard work if you want to stay under cover as long as possible. At the same time, you need to look out for any opportunity to kill one of your teammates when nobody is looking and the cameras are off. That means always staying alert and waiting for the right moment to make your move. However, you should remember that the other players will also be watching you! And if you behave too suspiciously, they will surely bring that up during the vote.</p><h4>Cross your heart and vote!</h4><p>Votes are handled after each murder. Or more precisely, every time there is a dead body discovered and reported by one of the astronauts. Then the whole crew gets together and decides who might have done that. Everyone discusses their observations and suspicions. Then the players need to make their decision and throw one of their own out into the open space. That will be the person who seems most suitable for the role of the killer. But as statistics show, the team rarely makes the right choice straight from he start. Prepare for many meaningless deaths… That only bring the killer closer to completing his goal. Discover the entire thrill and suspense of a high-tension cosmic investigation playing Among Us online!</p>