Toca Life Games

The virtual world is so unusual and bright! Here you want to live, spend time, have fun and meet new friends. And if all this is to your liking, welcome to Toca Life games! Get ready for an incredible journey through the online city, where a variety of events and discoveries await you!

What will your character be?

Like every simulator, Toca Life starts with character customization. You can choose any appearance for him or her (yes, it can either a boy or a girl) to your taste, from facial expressions to clothes. The choice of outfits is very wide; you can create a unique look using various accessories. Subsequently, costumes can be changed by buying new ones for in-game currency.

Next, you need to find a house in which you can live. It also has the ability to equip at your own discretion. You can arrange furniture as you like, add functional items or beautiful decor. You can invite friends home, even throw parties. It is very interesting to visit Toca Life – after all, you will not only strengthen the emerging relationship, but also see how your new acquaintances live! By the way, in the game you can also get a pet that will accompany you everywhere and brighten up your stay here. And even give you certain bonuses!

Explore the city, meet new friends, have fun!

But life in the virtual world is not limited to this. Toca Life has a huge city with a bunch of locations – you can visit all of them and find some exciting activity. For example, you can take a roller coaster ride at an amusement park, get some fresh air on the beach, watch a new movie in a movie theater, or get yourself a mind-blowing haircut at your local beauty salon. Not all locations are available at once – some need to be opened during the game, because they cost coins. Fortunately, there are many ways to earn them in the game, so you won’t be left without funds.

To make exploring the city more exciting, the developers have placed many surprises and chests in secluded places. There you will find coins, awards, and unique items. Of course, finding them is not so easy – for this you have to crawl almost the entire map. But the excitement from the search and the result you get in the end is worth it! With a huge variety of outfits and activities, interactions with adorable characters and new events every day, Toca Life games are a great way to spend your free time. Play online and enjoy!