Poppy Playtime Games

Welcome to a new journey of Poppy Playtime through the dark corridors and premises of an old, abandoned toy factory, where strange and mysterious creatures live. You have to find out what happened in this place many years ago. To do this, solve puzzles and collect all the possible information you can find. However, beware of the ones who await you around every corner! They will give the willies.

Who lives in this mysterious factory

This factory is teeming with monsters and ghosts. Believe it or not, these ghosts were once cute, harmless stuffed toys and dolls. And now they can frighten you with only a mere glance at them. The most dangerous among them is the revived toy Huggy Wuggy and he is very dangerous! He is a blue, scary creature and has a horrible double row of sharp teeth! When you meet face-to-face with him, it is better to take flight, because it is very easy to get in his plush paws, from which there will no longer be a chance to escape. There are many other ghosts that will make anybody’s hair stand up on the back of their neck. They weirdly smile, have ugly shapes of bodies, shagged hair, and big beaming round eyes.

The most mysterious and incomprehensible in this entire story is where did the factory workers go? Why did a successful corporation cease its activities in an instant? Where did the ghosts come from and how did all these dolls come to life? What do they want and what are they doing here? All this and much more is to be solved by our protagonist.

How to play

During the game, you will need to solve many different riddles and puzzles. You will also need to navigate the corridors and rooms of the abandoned factory. You will do this with the help of special hands – grope for objects, open and close doors. You will also be equipped with GrabPack. It is a modern wearable backpack with two artificial arms connected by steel wire. These hand tools help you grip heavy objects securely and move them safely wherever you go. With them, you can get to any object. The special steel wire is also capable of conducting electricity unimpeded.

The horror game Poppy Playtime will allow nobody to stay indifferent. Especially fans of the horror style will appreciate the game. This breathtaking game will definitely tickle your nerves. Take courage and go to investigate the abandoned place. And of course, be careful and always on the alert to stay alive! Have fun and good luck in your horror adventures!