Adam and Eve Games

<p>Adam and Eve games are fun and exciting adventures that will take you on a trip through the prehistoric world. Adam will have to get through a series of challenging levels overcoming various obstacles, avoiding traps and solving puzzles to get to his soulmate that is waiting on the other end of the world. Help the first two people get back together!</p><h3>Adam in search of his Eve</h3><p>Ever since the man was expelled from paradise, he wants to get there again, refusing to understand that this is impossible. But there is no harm in trying, isn’t it? Acquaintance with the heroes begins with a story in which Adam goes through many trials, striving to meet his Eve, and she is waiting for him in the garden of Eden. Don’t look for authenticity in the historical sense – our character will encounter a lot of improbably stuff on his way, including dinosaurs, although in fact our species missed each other for millions of years. It’s just for fun’s sake, remember!</p><p>So, Adam is waiting for your actions, standing at the edge of the cave. Since the game is logic-based, at each stage you need to guess which steps will help the character move on. Using the mouse, click on Adam and objects to make them move. For example, click on a stone and it will roll back, and then click on Adam, and he will skip to the next playground, where new tasks await him.</p><p>Next, get the beaver to gnaw through the trunk, and knock the tree over the abyss so that it forms a bridge. You will be helped by dinosaurs, turtles, fish, crocodiles and other animals. On the last level, Adam will meet Eve and she will take him to her house. It’s such a romantic story about the first people on earth!</p><h4>Adventures, dangers and puzzles!</h4><p>Some Adam and Eve games are meant for cooperative passage. While Adam is dealing with enemies, Eve collects flowers on the field – this is her part of the mission. In dangerous scenes, the heroes need to team up and join their efforts to deal with the problem. The characters will face dizzying adventures, unexpected encounters, and sometimes even life-threatening situations. The most difficult thing is to guess how to act. Carefulness and ingenuity are indispensable. But even if you failed and made a mistake, don’t worry – you can replay a particularly challenging level any number of times! Plunge into the fascinating story of Adam and Eve, help them get through all the hardships and finally join their hands and their hearts!</p>