Talking Angela Games

Talking Angela games will get you acquainted with a cute and smart cat who lives in a beautiful house and needs a real friend! You will be able to accompany her every day and take part in various activities. And of course you will have a chance to talk to her since, like all other characters from this game series, Angela will repeat your phrases in her charming voice!

From little kitten to lady cat!

The game starts with Angela being just a small kitten. Right now she can’t take care of herself and demands your undivided attention. You will have to feed and bath her, change her diapers, play with her to keep her from getting bored and comfort her when she cries. But days will pass, and Angela will grow. Soon she’ll become a naughty kid, and then a perky teenager. In each of her ages, she will have her own needs. And she will expect you to pamper her, so you’d better make sure there is also some spare money on your account to buy her a new outfit or toy. 

If you take good care of Angela, she will eventually turn into a beautiful young cat, a real lady with perfect manners and an outstanding sense of style! There are many great things you can do together because Angela is an active character and is always up for adventures. Besides, there are various mini-games here to bring in some diversity that also give you the possibility to earn some extra coins and gems. Gems are particularly important because for them you can buy elixirs that will refill Angela’s need scales in case you don’t have time to feed her or put her to bed.

Take care of Angela and have fun together!

There are several rooms in Angela’s house, each dedicated to special kinds of activities. For instance, you can cook her a healthy and tasty breakfast in the kitchen. Make sure there are always enough products in the fridge or hit the mall! The bathroom is where your character can enjoy a bubble bath – unlike most cats, she really likes it. Here you can also apply makeup and indulge in various cosmetic procedures. In the living room, you will find all other daily activities plus a huge wardrobe. And after a long and productive day, it’s time to get a good night sleep in the bedroom. This is highly important because any of Angela’s scales shouldn’t fall lower than a certain value! You won’t have trouble figuring out how to use each of the rooms. Enjoy your new friendship, spend some time in Angela’s warm company every day and soon you will become true pals!