Granny Games

Granny games will set you up against a crazy maniac who locks her victims inside her house and gives them just five days to get out. You have to explore every room of the building searching for keys and objects that will help you escape. Remember that Granny is lurking somewhere nearby and she can attack any minute!

Trapped with a murderous granny

Not all of the old ladies are harmless and kind-hearted. If the only bad thing your grandma can do is to get grumpy and start teaching you how to live, this Granny is way different. Instead of knitting socks and feeding her cat in her spare time, she takes joy in torturing and killing people. You may not believe it right now, but you surely will once you see her wearing a creepy white mask and swishing her baseball bate with drops of blood still on it! Somehow she lured you inside her huge mansion and knocked you unconscious. You came to your senses on the top floor, locked inside a bedroom. Now you need to find a way out of here, and your very first task is to make it out of the room. Since it’s only the beginning of the game, it won’t be so hard – you just need to search for the key carefully. Later on, it won’t be so simple!

Find a way out in five days!

The house of Granny is big and intricate. There are plenty of rooms and you have to make it everywhere because you never know what you are going to find inside. If one of the doors is closed, you have to look for the key or use one of the items found in the house to pick the lock. Just note that the place in your inventory is limited and you should think which of the objects to take with you and which to leave lying around.

As you proceed with your quest, you should be very careful and quiet. Try not to make too much noise because Granny has a sharp hearing. Once she hears a sound, she will come running straight at you. In situations like that, you need to run away from that spot or find a good place to hide. Just note that Granny isn’t so stupid, she might guess to check the wardrobe where you’re sitting trying not to breathe. If she discovers you, she will use her bate, and you will wake up in the same bedroom again having to start everything from scratch. Each attempt equals to one day, and as you remember, you have just five of them. So try not to get caught! Some versions of the game also have weapons that you can find in the house and use against Granny. See if you can avoid a terrible death and get out of there!