Ice Scream Games

Ice Scream is a thrilling horror game where you will have to oppose a wicked ice cream man who kidnaps children and puts them on ice at his abandoned factory. You will have to follow him around the city, find out what he’s up to and free your friends that fell prey to this deceivingly kind and friendly guy!

Mysterious kidnapper

Everyone loves ice cream. This is the most desirable treat for any child on a hot summer day. Therefore, when a white van appeared on the streets of a quiet town, driving around the area with a cheerful ringing, the children were in a real stir. How many children ran up to him, jingling change in their pockets. But not all of them returned home blissfully licking a vanilla cone or popsicles. The most well-fed sweet tooth has been kidnapped by an evil ice cream man!

You were the only one who saw how it all happened. You just sat in your room and looked out the window. No signs of trouble. Below you saw your friend walking down the street towards the van. But when the window opened, something like a flickering cloud burst out of it – and the boy froze to the spot. He turned into a piece of ice! The ice cream man who got out of his transport quickly loaded it inside and was about to leave. What to do? None of the adults will believe you, and you have to do something very quickly, otherwise it will be gone. So you bravely climb down the rope from the window and sneak into the van to follow the cunning ice cream maker and find out his plans. This is where the gameplay itself begins, consisting of stealth, solving riddles and running away from a mysterious enemy!

Save your friends from the evil ice cream maker!

Together with the ice cream maker, you will drive around to different locations and follow his every step. But remember that he must never see you! Otherwise, your fate will be unenviable. Therefore, keep the utmost care and do not get caught in his eyes. In addition to the ice cream man himself, you will be confronted by his minions. In this case, you will need to include all your attentiveness in order to find the necessary items at the locations – pieces of a map or keys. The game has several difficulty levels. In the simplest form, the ice cream maker will not see you at all, so you can walk even under his very nose. But this, of course, is not very interesting, and as soon as you get used to it, you should switch to a harder level – then you can truly appreciate the beauty of Ice Scream!