Friday Night Funkin Games

Out of all rhythm-based games, Friday Night Funkin is one of the most famous recently. Here you will be playing as a young ambitious guy who wants to conquer the stage and the heart of his beloved. He can do it if he wins the music competition that lasts for seven weeks. So shall we begin?

Become a music star!

You know that feeling when you’re young and full of energy. The world seems to lie at your feet. And you want to prove yourself no matter what. The main hero of FNF has found a great way to do it – he is going to perform on stage. This will be challenging and tough because you need amazing reflexes and also a good hear for rhythm. You will be listening to different songs playing in the game and trying to hit the beat by pressing the right arrows. The arrows will be shown on the screen, so you’ll easily figure out which one to press right now. Then it all comes down to your coordination and agility. 

The melodies in FNF are all very varied and you can enjoy different styles of music. Regardless of the exact style you prefer, you will easily find songs to your liking. Note that the rhythm might be changing quite often and unexpectedly, especially on harder levels. So you have to keep your ears sharp and your fingers at the ready not to skip a single note. The more of them you hit correctly the more points you are going to earn. At the same time, you need to monitor the progress of your rival just to know how you are standing against them now. Each battle consists of three rounds and there are seven weeks of the contest, meaning seven different opponents. Developers are also releasing updates on a regular basis, so there are always some songs and opponents to diversity the gameplay.

All kinds of songs and rivals!

The greatest thing about Friday Night Funkin is the great number of mods introducing a whole slew of characters. You can find yourself battling against various cartoon and game heroes, famous figures and so on. It doesn’t matter whether your opponent is Ronald McDonald or Sonic, you can expect them to do their best on stage. And that means you can’t relax and need to stay focused if you hope to win this one.

The reward will be the love of your girlfriend! According to the story, she and the main hero will visit different places and perform in some interesting settings. Start playing FNF right now, check your musical talent and see how many points you are going to earn in the next rap battle!