Arcade Games

<p>Arcade games are some of the oldest in history. They are known for their simplicity, retro graphics, easy controls and dynamic gameplay. You have to get through levels, collect various bonuses, fight enemies and score points. Let’s get started!</p><h3>A little bit of history</h3><p>The roots of this genre go back to the days of the first video games. It all started with arcade pavilions, where machines with simple games were installed. Further, they could be seen on old consoles that worked with tube TVs. Dandy, Nintendo, Sega at that time were considered so prestigious that in the homes of the lucky owners one could see a whole group of children waiting for their turn.</p><p>Among the early arcades, the most popular were Mario, Sonic and, of course, Prince of Persia. They were very popular at that time due to the wide variety of levels and extremely addictive gameplay. They remain no less popular now, both in the form of remakes and as independent episodes. Some of the games you will find on this site are direct transfers of games from the 80s and 90s, but there are also more modern versions that mimic the hits of those years in graphics and gameplay. As a rule, all arcades are famous for their dynamics and simple controls, which will not be difficult to master. They will send you back in time, into an era when the world of video games was ruled by such masterpieces as Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Tempest!</p><h4>Simple and fun!</h4><p>Most commonly, arcade games feature some simple story (or no story at all) and are built from a series of levels where players need to overcome various obstacles, fight enemies and collect bonuses giving them useful boosts. Sometimes you have to find a way out of a maze, sometimes you run away from monsters that pursue you. </p><p>The controls in arcades are very easy to handle. That is why they are suitable for those who like to relax and enjoy the game process – after all, you don’t have to memorize all the combinations necessary for survival and passing the levels for a long time. Four buttons for moving around the game space, two or three for game actions such as strikes and special skills. That’s all! You can also use the WASD keys, which completely duplicate the position of the arrows. In some games you will find both control options. You don’t need more: even complex 3D arcades with a lot of levels are controlled in the same way. Start playing our great arcade games right now and have fun!</p>