Deltarune Games

<p>The creator of Undertale has released another project about the underground universe – now it is called Deltarune. All events unfold in an alternative universe. It is a completely new place with old and new characters and completely incredible adventures. This time, you are playing for Kris.</p><h2>A little about the plot</h2><p>Everything starts as a normal day. You wake up and go to school where you meet your classmate Susie. And then, the teacher sends both of you to a storage room to bring something. But once you enter this place, you guess something is fishy about it. It is very dark and seems endless. Actually, you are already in the Kingdom of Darkness. Its prince is already waiting you there, hoping you will help him return the balance to this place. As it turns out later, you were chosen to save the gloomy universe from the evil powers. This is how this thrilling adventure starts. It will be filled with all possible events and characters, and some of them are really ill-natured. The prince of this kingdom will be helping you. There are a lot of other exciting characters in Deltarune. To discover some of them you need to thoroughly study the locations. Thanks to the hard work of the developers, the gaming world feels very realistic and alive. You can easily interact with everyone you meet on your way. It will help you learn lots of thrilling things about the plot of the game, or just laugh at some joke together with other heroes.</p><h3>How to play?</h3><p>You know you should save the Kingdom of Darkness from the ancient curse. But what should you do to make it happen? You need to neutralize the monsters. And you need to decide in which way you will achieve it – peaceful or not. During the gameplay, you will receive various tasks. Your goal is to find a solution and solve them in a non-violent way. The combat component takes place in a step-by-step mode. The main gameplay goal is non-violent passage. Given the fact that the main character’s partner attacks monsters by default, the player will have to react in time to avoid a direct collision with the enemies. It will be especially difficult to keep Susie away from attacks. Thus, the player must determine the actions that prevent the heroine from hitting enemies if he wishes to show mercy. For successful completion of this task, you will get tension points, adding your powers. Will you be able to complete your mission peacefully? Start it immediately to find out. Lots of fun is promised!</p>