Mahjong Games

If you love spending your free time solving various puzzles and riddles and generally giving your brain a workout, you should really check out Mahjong! It’s a great game that will definitely give you plenty of positive emotions. Shall we start?

One of the oldest games in the world!

The history Mahjong, originating in the mists of time, is long. According to historical evidence, it happened somewhere in the 12-13th centuries. The lessons of philosophy of ancient China, where the game is believed to have originated, we learn to this day with the help of mahjong. Relying on what is happening around, in nature itself, the sages managed to avoid heaps and any excesses in the rules of folding and parsing bones with drawings. However, clarity and transparency don’t guarantee victory here. The right decision is not easy. When analyzing the available options, the player often has to make a choice between two or more pairs. The correctness of the choice is not always obvious and can only manifest itself towards the end of the analysis. This intrigue creates additional interest in the game. And now you can also play it online!

Improve your intellectual skills and shake off stress!

Initially, Mahjong was formed as a board game for four, where each tried to solve their riddle faster than others, using a common pool of dice. At the end of the 20th century, a new branch of mahjong was formed – solitaire, sometimes called the Chinese puzzle. The reason for this was such factors as the rapid development of personal computers and mobile devices, as well as the acceleration of the pace of life. However, it’s still worth to find time for mental exercises like this once in a while. The tasks that are solved in mahjong help to develop and improve the skills so necessary for each of us. You can become more attentive, patient, learn concentrating better on a specific task, organizing and planning. 

In addition, Mahjong promotes relaxation. A pile up or chaos in thoughts, a stressful state, haste and fuss – during the dismantling of the knuckles, all this imperceptibly disappears, order and calmness are restored in the mind. This wonderful property of the puzzle is useful during breaks at work or when troubles and worries catch you off guard. Discover all the benefits of Mahjong and see if you can pass all the levels playing this great game online!