Zombie Games

Is there anything worse than a deadly virus sweeping over the mankind and turning most of the population into a crowd of mindless corpses idly roaming the streets and looking for victims? Zombie games will carry you to the bloody and grim post-apocalyptic world where you have to survive at all costs and fight the crazed monsters in all available ways. They are designed to tickle your nerves and add a little adrenaline to your daily life. As a rule, the main idea of the game is always the same: after a global environmental disaster, mankind dies in terrible torment, and, under the influence of an unknown disease, massively turns into wild and uncontrollable mutants. Their goal is to destroy all living things, but a handful of survivors defies their attacks looking to clear the earth surface from this vile creatures or at least live one more day longer. If you’re up for this kind of thrilling entertainment, welcome aboard!

A thousand and one ways to kill a zombie

Few people know that the whole concept comes from Haiti, the homeland of the popular Voodoo cult which turns the dead into zombies. This image is used not only in movies, but can also be found in online games. All zombies are shown as hungry dead who eat human flesh. They have crooked arms and legs, rotten skin color and scary teeth. Basically, these are shooting games in which you need to fight off a whole bunch of terrible monsters and fire at them from various weapons. You will be in the role of a real protector of the human race, a warrior who will have to use all his strength and skills to prevent zombies from capturing the whole world. The developers have come up with a lot of ways to deal with these dangerous beings. You will have access to a variety of weapons and transport. Use guns, machine guns, pistols, bats, knives, crush them with cars and tanks, launch them from a catapult and much more.

Survive through the Apocalypse with fun!

Games about the walking dead will delight you with a gloomy and suspenseful atmosphere, sinister music and unique missions with varying degrees of difficulty. You will have to move a lot, run fast, shoot accurately, use voodoo magic and adhere to such tactics that will help inflict maximum damage to enemies. Aside from random plots and missions, there are also stories based on your favorite zombie movies. Play our awesome zombie games online, have fun and challenge the creatures of the Apocalypse!