Pop It Games

Do you want to relax and relieve stress? Are you looking for an uncomplicated and simple game that will help you have a good time without straining your brain too much? Then welcome to Pop It games! These colorful virtual adaptations of popular toys, which simply captured the youth, will definitely allow you to spend many pleasant and exciting minutes at your computer or smartphone!


What are Pop Its?


This year, the so-called pop-it has become insanely popular. They replaced fidget spinners and then slimes. What is it and why is everyone suddenly talking about them? Pop it is called silicone sheet with cells that make a pleasant sound when pressed, which resembles the bursting bubbles on packaging film. But the toy has an advantage: once you’ve finished pressing the bumps on one side, you can turn the sheet over and start bursting again.


The game is based on the child’s free exploration of the world, using the developmental environment and toys. Thus, toys not only relieve stress, but also develop. Most of the older generation of buzzers and millennials learned about such toys from children or from Tik Tok. Children want whole collections of such gizmos that occupy an impressive area of the apartment. But you don’t have to collect mountains of popits when you can just play them online!


Choose your mode and have a blast, literally!


What is the difference between virtual Pop Its and real ones? Only that the former doesn’t take up space at all. You can collect many drinks and all of them will be compactly stored in your phone. And their variety is enormous! There are the most common geometric shapes, beautiful outlines like butterflies and stars, fabulous animals and even figurines of your favorite characters. The choice is immense and once again, you don’t need an extra closet to store all those popits up!


Despite the fact that this is a seemingly simple game, there are several modes here. You can simply play for glasses, blowing up colorful balls in the desired sequence and completing the levels. You can check how many circles you can burst in a certain time and try to set a new record. There is even a multiplayer mode that allows you to play with a friend for speed, arranging a kind of race on pops. In general, here everyone will find an option for themselves. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and exciting world of Pop It games and forget about the stress!