FNAF Games

Sometimes the most ferocious of monsters can be disguised as the most innocent-looking creatures. That’s the thing about animatronics – you can never tell how dangerous they are until you find yourself in their company after sunset. Long ago, these mechanical toys were invented by a mad genius who was a serial killer. Perhaps they caught this pathological thirst for blood from their creator. But every night they come alive and hunt defenseless victims. Why defenseless? Because you can’t really kill an animatronic, only keep the wicked toy away from you with a few tricks. So how can you survive if you are locked in a dark and empty pizza house together with these horrible beings? FNAF games will test your courage and ingenuity!

Killer toys are on the loose!

There are a great number of FNAF games putting players into all sorts of perilous situations. But every time the task is the same – stay alive, avoid meeting Freddie and his friends. It all will start at a usual pizzeria that looks just like a regular place where you can eat and have fun. But there is something special about it – big cute toys singing and dancing to entertain the visitors. At least, that’s what’s going on in the public. When the hangout closes and everyone goes home, animatronics spring to life and begin wandering through the building on their own. That wouldn’t have be so scary if they had just been walking and that’s it. But you actually risk your life being close to them at moments like this! These dolls and teddy bears aren’t what they look on the outside. They are eager to kill and you can become their next prey! 

Survive through five nights to win!

What are you going to do to save yourself from a terrible fate? There are several ways to make sure none of the fluffy monsters comes any near. First of all, you can watch them through the security cameras placed all over the building. That will give you a good idea of where each of your enemies is at the moment and how close you are to the danger. If you see that any of the dolls have approached you at a risky distance, you can cut their way off by closing the doors that are controlled remotely. But note that the amount of energy left in the building is running low and if you keep pushing the buttons in panic, you will quickly find yourself out of power to use. So don’t give in to fear, act logically and reasonably. If the animatronics are breaking through all the barriers, look for a place to hide! Good luck!