Squid Games

Squid Game is a new computer game based on the acclaimed South Korean TV series netflix. In it you have to try on the skin of a participant in cruel games with an unknown end. Each challenge is built on the basis of some kind of child’s play, but the payback for losing will not be childish at all… Here you have to face a crowd of other players who also dream of winning a prize of 46.5 billion won. Excellent challenge mechanics spice up the gameplay.

Tempted by the devil

In the story, you are a simple person with huge debts. Once, at a metro station, an unknown person comes up to you and offers you the opportunity to make great money. You, as a born gambler with a gambling streak and just a person in a difficult financial situation, cannot refuse such an offer and you agree. On the way, you and the rest of the participants are put to sleep with an unknown gas, and upon arrival they are faced with non-standard conditions – from now on, you are all pawns in someone else’s game, the stake in which will be your life. However, those who manage to reach the end will receive a truly royal jackpot. The only problem is that everyone else must die for this. Even worse, many will accept their death at the hands of other players, it all depends on the will of those behind the scenes of this show. They are the true scriptwriters and organizers of the massacre that will soon happen.

Win or die!

In order for the audience, for whom all this is arranged, not to get bored, the creators of the merrymaking used their imagination to make the tests as bizarre and cruel as possible. In the first of them, players must run to the finish line as quickly as possible, but only while the green light is on. As soon as the red lights up, everyone should freeze. Those who did not have time will be shot by the guards. A giant doll with a mechanical voice will tell you exactly when to run and when to stand. 

Another local activity is tug of war. It seems to be nothing ordinary yet, right? The only difference is that the losing team will be shot. After active sports, you are given a creative task – to cut a given figure out of caramel without breaking it. Also, players will be invited to go through an obstacle course called “the floor is lava”. On it, you must move to the other end of the room by stepping on the glass panels. Be careful, because it is not known under which of them a real fire is burning. Start playing Squid Game online right now and good luck!