Shooting Games

Are you fond of thrilling, energetic, and truly emotional entertainment? Then let us suggest – your favorite genre must be shooting games! Is that so? Enjoy this section – it is full of incredible shooters where you will enter the deadly battles with monsters, aliens, zombies, soldiers from the opposing army, and other enemies. If you are ready for something really challenging, launch the one you like and immerse yourself into the hot world of whizzing bullets!

Ready to show your reflexes, speed, and skills? In these games, you will have a chance to do so. We have gathered an extremely large collection of them. Some are three-dimensional, which means that you will find yourself in the life-like environment where you have to use your mouse and control your characters. Mostly, they will take place on the battlefields. For example, you will compete with other gamers in the multiplayers, which means that the only one person survives and therefore – wins the game. Also, we have two-dimensional and old school shooters to present. These are no less amazing combats where you have a chance to enjoy unique platformers with their best traditions. Here you will find numerous games where you can hold different types of weapons in your hands, from guns to cannons. The collection ranges from serious plots like Call of Duty, where you are soldier during the World War, to funny and absurd small games. Both realistic battles and wacky fights are waiting for you here – choose the one you like the most and show your best reactions! Win all the struggles and find your own shooting style and strategy! All the uploaded titles are free and unlimited! You are welcome to play them all on your PC or mobile device at any time.