Happy Wheels Games

Do you want to have fun driving the most incredible modes of transport on a real obstacle course? In this race, you can lose not only a wheel, but also an arm or a leg, because your path will be dotted with sharp spikes, rotating circular saws, huge clubs swinging on chains in the middle of the road, and other “delights”. And although Happy Wheels is a rather bloody game, it provides its own portion of adrenaline and fun for the players! Are you ready to start?

Choose your transport and go!

The main character is a grandfather in a wheelchair. He is not at all upset by his unhappy situation, because now he always has his own transport with him! And he intends to fully test his capabilities on the most unimaginable tracks. There are other heroes in the game. For example, an office worker, also known as Segway guy. He can jump on the segway, which helps in severe cases. He also often breaks his legs after falling from a great height. Another interesting character is the irresponsible dad who rides a bike with his little son. The latter usually dies much faster than his father. Then there is a plump woman on a trolley from the supermarket, a couple on a moped, a fan Afro-American man driving a lawn mower and a whole slew of other crazies. You can choose any character you like and explore all the possibilities of his transport!

Dangerous levels, unexpected turns!

In terms of the ride itself, you will also find many interesting options. The gameplay of Happy Wheels is very varied. The ability to pass levels in different ways will also delight fans of non-linear games. There are several types of levels in the game. In a classic obstacle course, you have to drive to the end of the level while dodging obstacles. Rope swing levels consisting of ropes, grooves and cannons. You will mostly spend your time clinging to the ropes and jumping on them. Sounds easy, but it really isn’t! There are also levels where you have to throw balls hitting the needed sectors or kill by-passers with swords. In addition, the map editor allows you to further diversify the game and add something new to it, so you never get tired of playing it.

Happy Wheels is a great choice for everyone who loves adrenaline and doesn’t mind a bit of blood spilled. Start playing this wonderful game right now and choose your very own way of completing all the levels without getting chopped up or squished in the process!