GTA Games

GTA games will plunge into a gripping gangster world where you’ll be playing the role of a young criminal. To rise in the city, he needs to prove himself by completing various missions and earning reputations in the shady circles. Steal cars, rob people, run away from cops, wreck havoc on the streets and enjoy the gameplay!

This free and thrilling gangster life!

The life of gangsters is surrounded by an areal of romance. After all, what can be more exciting than living against the law and doing whatever you like! You can get a lot of such experience playing GTA games online! Prepare to explore a huge open world consisting of various districts that form a busy city. Everything here is just like in real life – by-passers hurry in their business, cars drive down the road beeping at the traffic lights, there are various places you can drop in to indulge in various kinds of activities. You can hang out at a night club dancing to popular tunes, go to a strip tease bar, eat out at a pizza place. You can fly on a plane, jump with a parachute, even go diving. But that’s not why people love GTA! The best thing about it is a great number of thrilling pastimes of criminal nature that are waiting for you literally at every corner! 

Become a criminal legend!

Gangsters lead a very dangerous life. They have a lot of enemies – any moment, even if you’re simply walking down the street, members of a hostile gangs may open fire and start shooting at you. You should be prepared for situations like that! Better still, earn some reputation by accomplishing quests from mafia bosses and gather a gang of your own for back-up! What are these quests like? There is a great variety of them and every time you’ll have to do something new requiring various skills, agility and ingenuity. 

Can you kill an important man in his own car under the nose of his bodyguards, then cosplay him at a party to find out the location of the drugs, steal them and bring them to your headquarters to sell at the black market at a doubled price? What about the cops? They might be on to you and you must be ready for a hot pursuit through traffic-packed streets to shake them off your tail. In the process, you’ll surely do a lot of damage to public property. Spectacular shootouts, collisions and explosions are among the reasons why GTA games are so popular for so many years! Play their different versions on our site, immerse yourself in the world of crimes and danger, see if you can make a name in the gangster circles!