Idle Games

Digital technologies get simpler every day. Not in the way they are built – in the way we use them. People tend to choose devices and services that are easiest to use and enjoy, and that also concerns online games. Some few years ago, it was ok to spend the first minutes of the gameplay getting the hang of all the controls and finding your way around countless menus. But now times are different and people want something that is understandable and ready to go immediately, without spending any extra minutes on figuring out how it’s designed. If you are a fan of simplicity too, you surely need to look into an amazing category of idle games!


As simple as it can be!


As you can imply from the very name, idle games won’t burden you with numerous buttons and complicated manipulations. Everything in them can be done with a simple click of the mouse or tap on your smartphone screen. No matter whether you are running through a maze or building your own business, you don’t need anything else but your finger performing a slight, almost imperceptible movement for another action. This isn’t only easy, but also convenient. Since you need just one hand to do all the job, you can use another, say, to cozily sip tea as you fight the pirates or talk over the phone as you pick up an outfit for your virtual heroine who is going on a date.


And that doesn’t affect the complexity of the scenario! Idle games have very different concepts. Some of them are really very simple, but there are those with tricky storylines and dynamic adventures. You can choose any game to your liking and you will still be able to play it with just one finger! And there are lots of genres and options to select from!


All kinds of entertainments with just one click!


Are you looking for some lightweight pastime that won’t make you invent any strategies or solve any puzzles? Choose one of the many idle arcades and platformers that will allow you to spend a great time without straining your brain. Always dreamed of opening up your own restaurant or becoming a successful salesman? You can do in idle games! You can build, explore, fly a plane, go into space, search for hidden treasures. There are even full-fledged strategies allowing you to found a whole settlement, evolve it, mine resources, recruit an army and wage wars with your neighbors. The world of idle games is versatile and bright. Start discovering it this very moment in a simple and fun way!