Hello Neighbor Games

As kids, everyone loved to play hide and seek. But what if an innocent game could be deadly? In the horror game Hello Neighbor, you will find yourself in a rather unpleasant situation – you will have to hide from a real maniac in his own house. But otherwise you will not be able to reveal the very secret for which you got here … Intrigued? Then let’s get started!

Who is this suspicious guy?

The main antagonist is your neighbor. Unsociable and secretive. From the very beginning of the game, he gives the impression of an inadequate man who is so vigilant behind the house that he doesn’t even sleep at night. But in the long run, this is a character who has suffered a serious injury, a character who has lost his family – this can be seen in the scene where he cries.

The hero of the game, who will have to fight with him, is an ordinary city boy, who, as a child, noticed that “something is wrong with his neighbor.” This understanding and subsequent events were so ingrained in the boy’s consciousness that he could not let him go throughout his life. And now, already as an adult, he decided to check his suspicions by climbing into the house of this very neighbor and sniffing around.

Reveal the Neighbor’s mystery and survive!

Although the plot and gameplay are quite intense, the cartoonish graphics dilute the atmosphere and give the whole flair some fun. So it won’t be scary – rather, it can be called suspense. You have to sneak through the numerous rooms and stairs of the neighbor’s house, trying to get to the basement, where, as you assume, your opponent is holding the corpses of the killed victims. However, things are complicated by the fact that the neighbor almost never leaves the house. And now he is inside – you can hear his steps, how he turns on the TV, rattles the kettle in the kitchen. Sometimes you will see him walking by. In these moments you need to be especially careful!

Fortunately, the house is full of places to hide if danger is close. You can also distract your neighbor by throwing an object – he will go to the noise, and you can escape from seemingly inevitable death. However, if a neighbor notices you somewhere in his house, he will make sure that you don’t show up here again – for example, set a trap that you can get caught in if you don’t look at your feet. The learnability of the neighbor makes the game especially fun – because if you make a mistake once, you will have to keep this in mind throughout the rest of the game. Play Hello Neighbor online and enjoy the adrenaline rush!