IO Games

A couple of years ago, the gaming community became obsessed with a game called, a funny and simple entertainment, where they had to compete against each other. The main characters of the game were microorganisms fighting for food and life. The process of playing was incredibly easy, but the gameplay and heavy competition did everything so thrilling that players couldn’t stop entering the server again and again. With time, the basic structure of this game became a widely-used fundament for numerous other titles united under the name of Io games.

Each representative of the series has a similar plot and it is usually connected with gathering, growing, and surviving. The classical options like and imitate a well-known snake game, where you play for a worm (or snake) and eat foods to grow. The rules are simple – you eat, you become larger, you defeat enemies, and win the fight. The fantasy of game authors expanded broader, though. Very soon such titles as and saw the world. These are the real post-apocalyptic stories, where you have to play for survivors and try to stay alive. Zombies and other players will attack you, but you need to be strong and courageous. What is more, besides struggles with enemies, you will gather sources, build the bases to hide, and feed your character to make him get through all difficulties. The other masterpiece is This and a couple of similar Io games follow the best traditions of battle royale games. They feel as furious as something like Fortnite, only with plain (still adorable) graphics, which doesn’t make the process any less thrilling and energetic. Also, there are Io games that encourage you to capture the territories and leave your rivals behind the scene. For example, a marvelous is a title where you control a colored block that moves around and leaves the trace. Making smart moves, you will color the largest part of the territory in your color and become a winner.

In this section, you will find a vast collection of the best and most popular Io titles. We have chosen only the most incredible ones, so you will have a great time checking them out. All the described games are present here, but you will find even more! No matter which Io title is your favorite one, you will get into a serious competition for your life in any of them. Trick the rivals, be smarter and faster than they are, and have a really great time checking the games uploaded here. All of them are free and you are welcome to enjoy the unlimited access. Be sure to come back to this section regularly – we upload new games all the time!