Simulation Games

Games are all about providing players with opportunities that are impossible in the real world. You can become a warrior in the fantasy world and kill the dragons and monsters. You can enter a battle field and start a struggle with numerous enemies. You are welcome to ride amazing cars and take part in world competitions to become a real champion. The opportunities of the digital world never end and the game developers have a rich fantasy. Being the source of entertainment and unusual experience, games attract millions of players, who search for something unique. Still, the genre that meets the requirements of real world-construction is simulator. Today, this type of games become more and more popular among people of all ages. No wonder – this is your chance to live another life! Sometimes, you can make a dream world and become a successful person. Also, you are welcome to test the sport cars for speed and even improve your driving skills – the simulators can be so realistic that they are not very different from the real-life experience.

In this section, we have gathered the most successful and popular games of the genre. Here you can find literally everything – from kitchen sim, where you will prepare tasty hot dogs and burgers, to a simulation of the goat’s life. And while becoming a burger chief is somehow near to your possible experience, because you can get hired in a cafeteria one day, becoming a goat is something you cannot even imagine. This is how the simulators can vary! There are even more here! You can also become a bridge constructor and create real bridges, solid and reliable. You will take care of every aspect of the building process, from preparations and planning to creation itself. Also you will become a world-famous trainer in a Football Manager. Can you imagine a career like that? You manage a football team known all over the world and help it gain even more fame and victories.

So many new and unpredictable stories and adventures are waiting for you, so why don’t you jump into the world of realistic simulation right now? You will get an access to numerous lives and experiences, so what are you waiting for? Don’t miss your chance to try everything you can – from being a space agent to becoming a goat! Choose the game that suits your preferences best and let your creative juices flow – you have a freedom of actions in most of them so you are the one to write these stories.