Candy Crush Games

<p>Candy Crush is a colorful match-3 game where you’ll be helping two charming sisters run a candy factory. The whole process is designed as passing increasingly more difficult levels that task you with forming lines of various sweets so that they disappear and bring you points. The money earned can be used to help yourself throughout particularly challenging levels and upgrade the factory.</p><h2>So many candies to sort!</h2><p>As one of the most popular game series of the kind, Candy Crush has become known for two of its features: friendly and very addictive gameplay and a limited number of moves, which constantly brings a lot of inconvenience to the player. The sequels use even more ways to draw the player’s attention to the screen, but also more ways to make their life more difficult to increase interest.</p><p>There are several types of levels. On some of them, you need to collect the specified number of points or desired candies. On others, clear the playing field from jelly or bring the ingredient to the collection point. There are also mixed levels where you need to cope with several tasks at once.  In any case, you have to take into account the configuration of the level, the number of remaining moves, the conditions necessary for a successful passage.</p><h3>Some challenge to keep you interested!</h3><p>Difficult levels on the map are marked with color and a special icon. As a rule, the difficulty lies in the fact that the initial playing field is littered with obstacles, and the number of moves is very limited. Clearing the rubble requires spending a significant amount of it, which will affect the later stages. If there are not enough moves, you can buy them. Failure in a level will take away one in five lives. The loss of lives will turn out for the player to expect from recovery or the purchase of new ones for in-game currency.</p><p>But difficult levels will be easily passable, it is enough to buy booster amplifiers, thanks to which the rubble will magically evaporate, and the playing field is cleared. Boosters, of course, are not endless. You can earn new ones by completing tasks, winning races on the speed of passing levels and so on. Overall, Candy Crush is a very vibrant and absorbing game that can easily make you spend hours at your computer without even noticing it. Start playing it right now if you’re a fan of the match-3 genre and set new records every day!</p>