FNAF 6: Pizzeria Simulator

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Are you ready to manage Freddy Fazbear’s pizzeria? Then welcome to this fun simulator. You will have to make pizza, sell it, arrange everything in your premises to please your customers. You have to attract as many visitors as possible and get the maximum profit. It is vital to control smooth performance and avoid bad reviews. But it is not a single task in this game. As it will soon turn out, your enemies have entered the ventilation shaft and are looking to the right moment to attack you.

These are crazy animatronic that managed to survive. So you will need both to complete all the routine tasks and protect from these dangerous creatures. While you are fighting with your opponents, you should not forget about your main goal – to develop and grow your restaurant. You can buy items to improve it, and advertise it to earn bonuses. It will not be an easy thing with so many enemies around. There will be lots of mini games you must go through to survive through the night.

Every time you win such a game, you will receive a great bonus that can be used for expanding your business. Plunge into this exciting game to show both your economical skills and courage. Will you manage these two tasks at once? During the whole gameplay, you will have to solve riddles, collect fragments of various puzzles, collect lots of items. Depending on your performance, the story may have different endings. Start the adventure now to try them all!

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