Wildscapes 2020

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Do you like animals? Sure, you do! It is hard to find a person, who doesn’t. Some of them are cute and fluffy like red pandas. The others mighty, strong, and dangerous (still, cute and fluffy) like lions. There are also funny lamas and zebras, lazy pandas, and colorful birds. Have you ever dreamt to own them all? We bet that your mom hardly allows you to get a cat. However, now you have an opportunity to pet a hundred of amazing animals! They come from jungle, savanna, tropical forests, and even northern pole. Now you are welcome to keep them all in your personal zoo.

Welcome to Wildscapes, a cool mobile puzzle game made in a classical genre “match three”. Here you will find a great deal of puzzles to solve. All of them require you to put three identical objects in one row. Just be very attentive – you need to think a couple of steps ahead to make your moves more effective. The better choices you will make, the more chances you will have to match all the pieces on the field fast. And we bet that you want to get the animals and cool decorations for their houses right away! So do your best and make your zoo great again!

The problem is that your zoo was popular years ago, but some financial problems kept you from taking care of everything. Now the zoo is not very good-looking and people rarely choose it as a place to spend a weekend. However, now you will gain coins solving the puzzles and as a result – you will have an opportunity to buy new animals, build houses for them, plant trees all around, and even build a small cafeteria or two. The time has come to create a real paradise on earth! Get to work and make your amazing zoo the most attended place in a city! Increase your level and open new options for building!

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