Untitled Goose Game

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Ready to turn the village into a mess? Then jump in – you will be a nasty goose today and your job is to ruin people’s calm. So what is waiting for you in this amazing game? First, you will do tricks and make jokes, fulfilling different pranking tasks. The number of ideas is endless and the number of possible ways to implement them is even more endless. Second, the game is a perfect playground, a sandbox with numerous options and tasks. You can go anywhere and find a victim for your another joke with ease. Each location will encourage you to do something nasty and the objects located there will surely inspire you to invent something unusual and strange. Still, funny! The main aim of the game is to have maximum fun and this is the only thing you will do all the time.
When you have a trick in your mind, you will have to find a way to make it. Plan your actions, choose the right moment, and start. The process of planning is no less funny than the trick itself, so you will surely laugh on every stage of the process. The good thing is that nobody will ever do you harm in turn – you are just a goose all in all. What is more, most of your jokes are pretty innocent. Yes, they can frustrate people around, but actually there is nothing really bad in good jokes, right?

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