Totally Reliable Delivery Service

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Strap yourself in – the time for extremal and enjoyable delivery service has come! Don’t forget to call your friends and join this stunning sandbox game together. It is much more entertaining when you deliver goods as a team! The game can boast of absolute freedom of actions and dozens of surprises that are waiting for you on the road. The high interactivity makes it really special and unique! You and your buddy-deliverers will receive tasks and orders, but reaching the final spot where the customers are waiting for their goods won’t be easy – the locations are tricky and full of obstacles! You will find out that delivery can be not just tricky, but extremal and even chaotic!
The game uses exciting physics, but it is a bit exaggerated, so you will find it hard to predict the next move and its intensity. The physics is really crazy here, so you will have to spend a while before you learn to control it. Bounce, run, dive, and grab things – you can do everything and act in any way you want. Just be careful – when you hit something, you die! The world of endless delivery won’t make you bored. There are so many toys, vehicles, and mechanisms here! The best news – all of these things are yours and you can use them for your work and entertainment! Have fun!

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