The Backrooms

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Are you seeking a game with puzzles and thrills and an unusual plot? Then it is the right time to enter the strange world of The Backrooms. The plot is very simple. It tells you about a young man who unexpectedly found himself in a strange and unfamiliar place. It is a building consisting of lots of rooms and corridors. It looks like it is completely empty and abandoned. Even the smell inside tells that nobody entered it for ages.

The main character is tormented with the question of how he has got here and how to escape. Start to play to help him find the clues to all his queries. Your only task is to thoroughly explore the environment. Look around and you will surely notice some objects that seem useless at the moment. But you should not ignore them – these items can come in handy very soon.

Move from one room to another and carefully study every single corner. And it is not the only task of the player. You will be continuously challenged with different puzzles that you need to solve to move on. If you are really determined to dig out the truth, you need to rack your brain. There are many secret locations around that inattentive players will simply not notice. If you do not take due effort, you may stay in this building forever! You will also find notes that seem to be left by someone who already tried to explore this place. Read them carefully to learn some hints and avoid the same mistakes. As you move from one level to another, the level of the game’s oddity increases. Be careful not to lose your sanity – all the rooms are designed in yellowish color and they all look pretty the same, creating the feeling you are moving in a vicious circle. And now it depends entirely on your actions and decisions whether you will manage to break it! The most thrilling thing is that the outcome of your adventure is not predictable. The developers added several possible endings. Are you intrigued to know how successfully you will handle this hurdle? Then let’s get started!

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