Super Mario Maker 2

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If you are a fan of Mario and want to experience an absolutely new way of playing a well-known old title, then you are at the right place. Maybe, you dream of creating video games and making your first steps in this incredible filed. If so, then Mario Maker is a good start for you. While you associate Mario with a 2D classical platformer, where you don’t have too much gameplay options (this is not a minus, but a special charm), you are welcome to try something completely different.

This time, the game developers provide you with a full set of instruments for level building and you can apply any combination that comes to your head. Yes, you get it right – this game is a sandbox that allows you to build and rule the universe of Super Mario. Can you miss an opportunity of that kind? No way! On this page, you will find the second part of the Maker version of Mario. If you liked the previous part, then this one won’t disappoint your either – this is a well-thought sequel, where numerous new elements and tools were added. If you are not that builder type or wannabe game maker, then you can also try out a story mode. In this part, you will have a new adventure of Mario and his friends to take part in. Fresh instruments and beautiful 3D graphics makes both modes worth your attention.

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