Squid Game

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Only the caveman has probably not heard about the cult South Korean TV series Squid Game. We hope you are not from this Neanderthal tribe. Therefore, if you have already watched this thriller film, then you will undoubtedly also want to play a game based on this film, which is not just an imitation or a kind of remake but puts you in the shoes of the players themselves, or rather, the main character and hero of this whole story. Can you only imagine what a surge of adrenaline and indescribable emotions await you? In this case, sit down more comfortably in your gaming chair and go ahead to meet your adventure. Well, for those who have not watched this series, at first it may seem that everything is quite ordinary, prosaic, and boring. After all, what is it about running to the finish line in a red light-green light game? But it’s much complicated! After all, here no one is going to cater to you. As soon as you break the rules and move after the stop command, you will be immediately removed from the arena. Moreover, they will not just be forced to leave but you will be summarily executed! You must agree that this is a very unexpected technique to cause an incentive to win, as for child’s play. But this is exactly why Squid Game is so attractive. Moreover, what an interest in games where you can relax or have an endless life. No, everything is real here and in Squid Game you have no room for error. This is another reason why this game is becoming so popular and gaining momentum. Well, its ratings will soon surpass the ratings of the film itself. But as you probably already understood, the plot of the game is not limited just by a dash across the playing field under the supervision of a little creepy toy girl. There are still a lot of other obstacles and rounds ahead of you, seemingly simple but in fact difficult ones. For example, such as tug of war or playing with stones, which can also have many variations. Therefore, no one will be bored in Squid Game. Well, if you get distracted or relax, then get ready to be excluded from the game in the harshest and most unceremonious form. After all, these are not children’s games in the direct sense of the word!

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