Poppy Playtime

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Sometimes we all get bored and then we need fresh impressions. With our lives being so safe and comfortable, it’s no wonder many people look for sharp emotions in horror games. And Poppy Playtime will surely provide you with just the right doze of adrenaline! The game revolves around the concept of murderous toys. They reside at an abandoned factory that was closed years ago under mysterious circumstances. You decide to find out what happened and explore the facility. But beware, you can meet a lot of horrors inside! The game runs from the first person perspective. You will watch the events unfolding on the screen together with the main hero as if you were him and that will make the whole atmosphere even more suspenseful and plausible. The visuals are high end, everything is designed brightly and in detail. So whether you’re looking for bare thrill or also appreciate good graphics, you will be totally happy with the game. After a short introduction telling you what you are about to do, you will find yourself on the first floor of the plant. In total, there are plentiful rooms and departments here. You will have to search the whole map if you want to complete your quest. Bit by bit, you will explore the entire factory and discover various interesting devices that can be used as tools and weapons. The gameplay consists of solving puzzles to open doors and safes, as well as staying away from the evil toys that will try to catch you off guard. Luckily, you won’t be defenseless against them and you will be able to fend them off with electricity. In general, Poppy Playtime is an intriguing and fascinating game. You will be thrilled to walk along these abandoned halls and tinkling with all the mechanisms you will find inside. And of course, you will be excited to find out everything about the past of this strange factory. Plunge into this incredible horror adventure right now and enjoy the gameplay!

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