Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse

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Mr. Hopps is not your favorite toy. Well, let’s be honest – you hate him. He is creepy and strange and you suspect that he can do you harm. One day, your suspicions become too real and you ask dad to take this ugly rabbit away from your room because he scares you. However, dad says that this toy is a gift of one of your relatives and leaves you in a room with it. Well, not very logical! The fact that this is a gift of someone doesn’t make you less scared and what is even more obvious – doesn’t make this hellish creature more friendly. So your father leaves night light on but this doesn’t help – you cannot fall asleep when the crazy eyeballs of Mr. Hopps are staring at you. He sits on the chair right in the middle of your room and this makes the situation even more creepy. But then everything starts. It’s coming! The light is blinking and at some moment Hopps disappears. Where is that creature? Is he alive? What is he going to do?
Curiosity makes you stand up and start searching for him. However, despite the fact that you want to find out what is happening, you’d better stay away from Hopps when you see him. No, seriously. The last thing you want is becoming his victim, right? When walking around the house, don’t step on toys and other things on the floor – jump over them to avoid making noises. Track the bar that indicates your current state. When you are not hidden, Hopps can attack. Stay still to replenish your stamina. Who knows what is waiting for you this cursed night, but we hope that you will manage to stay alive.

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