Granny 3

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Who is this ugly old woman with a distorted smile on her void face and a heavy baseball bate in her hands? It’s Granny, a terrible serial killer living far away in the woods. After she lost her family, she has gone mad and has been capturing people in her house giving them five days to get out. If you fail to do that until the time runs out, Granny will kill and eat you! The game requires you to use stealth a lot because Granny immediately reacts to any noise. If you run around the building knocking things over, it won’t be long before she finds out where you are. And you want to avoid that for as long as possible. If Granny gets to you, she will knock you unconscious and you will wake up in the bedroom upstairs again. That will mean you lost one of the five days. So what are you going to do if Granny is on to you? There is only one chance to avoid the grim fate – hide somewhere and hope she won’t check it up! If you are lucky, you can also find parts of a weapon scattered around the place and put together a tranquilizer gun that will stun your enemy for a while. Get to the front door, unlock it and escape before Granny smashes your brains out!

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