FNF VS Katrine Carrot Girl (Friday Night Farmin)

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Katrine is a pretty girl who lives in the countryside and grows carrots. A lot of carrots are everywhere and she has become similar to them with her green hair and orange skin. When BF is walking across the farm together with GF, they meet Katrine and she starts challenging him immediately.

Now, it’s time for the rhythm battle and your task is to help Boyfriend win. Here, you will have three unique songs to play with either the Story mode or in the Free Game mode – daisy-Dukes, Squaredance, and Caroten.

Try to match the note arrows correctly, attentively, and in time to win reaching the end of each song. If you delay or hurry up, these mistakes may lead to you losing. You will never want to start from the very beginning of the song again and again so be sure that it will never happen to you. Enjoy!

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