FNF: Hololive Funkin’: Ina Week

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Ina is the main character of this mod and your antagonist in the rhythm battle. She is one of the famous HoloLive YouTubers, an anime girl whom we love and are happy to meet here, in the gameplay. There is a variety of songs you can challenge her with: Live Again, Unravelling Distortion, RIP, Radiant Heaven, Callibattle, Our Nonstop Story, Sharkventure, Bordering Final Story, Mythbuster, Stand By Me, Haachama, Inapurgation, Botan, Eldritch Phantasm, Lalion, Inaposter, POi, and Weight of the Universe.

The battle is going to be really epic! Use all your skills and the arrow tabs on your keyboard to match the arrows on the screen. Choose between the Story Mode and the Free Game Mode for your best benefit. Try not to miss the notes and rhythms because if you do it very often, you may lose the game. Be courageous and win. Good luck!

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