FNAF Security Breach

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Each of us is afraid of something. But over time, childhood fears begin to smooth out and are gradually forgotten. Life becomes measured, and you sleep sound and deep. But sometimes these nightmares come back and the worst part is when they invade reality. This is exactly what you can feel in the the new FNAF game! You will find yourself at a wonderful place full of tasty pizza. Here you can always have a tasty meal. Children love this hangout very much, because there are huge dolls that can walk, dance and sing. They are called animatronics and they seem harmless and cute at first. During the day, you can meet Chika the chicken, Bonnie the hare, Foxy the fox and other charming characters. But the kids especially love a big soft bear named Freddie. It seems to be a great place for family leisure. But not at night. When it gets dark, the building gets full of strange noises and roaming shadows. If you stay here after the restaurant is closed, you’ll see all of the animatronics that seemed so nice in the sunlight moving on their own! And their intentions don’t seem to be very friendly… Save yourself from their terrible paws and find a way to keep at a safe distance until another morning comes and turns them back into toys again!

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