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A new part of FNAF is already released and invites its courageous fans to enjoy new thrilling adventures with scary animatronics. This time, all events will unfold in a modern entertainment center Mega Pizza Plex. You will play for a little boy – Gregory. According to the plot, he did not manage to leave the premises before it was locked, and now he needs to spend the night alone here. It looks really exciting, but the poor boy cannot even imagine what a nightmare he will have to go through this time. The place is being patrolled by animatronics who come to life with the fall of the night You will deal with five of them in this chapter. Moreover, these monsters will use lots of bots that will be assisting them, in particular, they will be reporting your whereabouts to the enemies. The only nuance which distinguishes the plot from the previous parts is that Freddy will help the hero this time. It will be necessary to refill Freddy’s energy regularly if you do not want to remain face to face with the other insane toys. But you can sometimes even get inside him to simplify your walk through the place. Also, the main character is not tied to one area now – he can freely move around and explore different locations. It reminds a huge maze that the hero needs to escape without attracting bloodthirsty antagonists. Gregory will have special tools that will help him to move around. For example, he can use a portable instrument that resembles a small computer. It allows the boy to control the equipment, see the floor plan and watch CCTV cameras. The key idea is to walk around the place without being spotted by your pursuers. It is vital to avoid load sounds as the dangerous guard will immediately know where to look for you. There are many places where you can hide and wait for an enemy to disappear from your way. In the case somebody still managed to spot you, you will have another tool to deactivate him for several seconds and run at a safe distance. You will have to spend only one night in the company of these deadly monsters, but you really need to rack your brain to survive till the morning without being caught. Good luck!

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