Five Nights Anime

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Every horror fan knows a popular game with insane animatronics – Five Nights at Freddy’s. Here, you play for a pizzeria guard who has to spend five nights in the company of the insane toys. This plot was copied in many similar online entertainments. And Five Nights in Anime is one of them. As in the original, you play for a character who has just received a job. But this time it is not a pizzeria but something like a theater or a concert hall where anime shows are held.

At the start, you will receive brief instructions, but very soon, you will be left completely alone. The most interesting thing is this game interpretation is that your opponents are not evil animatronics but seductive anime-style beauties. That is the key point of the new plot. Your main task is not to give in to the attraction of the girls. The antagonists will try all methods to seduce you using their appealing appearances. At the same time, they remain dangerous and you should not approach them. Players can use surveillance cameras to monitor their whereabouts and door control. It is vital to keep an eye on anime characters, block access to the room and highlight dangerous places with a flashlight.

You will have limited supply of electricity so you need to use it wisely. Your main goal has not changed – you must go through 5 consecutive nights and survive after meeting with treacherous girls. Every two hours you must go around the floors and explore every corner of the building. It is the most terrible task as your only weapon is an old dim flashlight. Dive into this tense atmosphere, where every rustle will immediately cover you with tons of goosebumps. And do not allow pretty anime characters to mislead you with their nice appearance, otherwise, you will not survive even one night in this thrilling adventure.

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