Crab Game

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Crab Game is a multiplayer first-person horror game, in which users compete against each other in various modes. For example, the players will jump between objects, run for speed, achieve the goal, and stop when the doll is looking at you, and so on. The project was created based on Squid Game series and allows you to experience the same terror as the main characters did. Screw up your courage and plunge into the world of horror adventures. The game supports games of up to 35 players, includes 28 different maps, and 9 mini-games. Crab Game features exciting Korean-style mini-games, which are far from harmless. However, the most important thing you should understand is that you cannot make mistakes when playing them since if you make even the slightest mistake, you can be dropped out of the game. Moreover, the mini-games surprise with their diversity. For example, in the mine-game “Red light, Green light”, “taggers” turn their back to the group and sing a song, which meets the present Korean name of the game and is translated as “flower blossomed mugunghva”. All others run until singing stops and the person does not turn around. And in the game Honeycomb/Cookies gamers cut extruded shape of the cookies in the form of cells, which are called dalgona. In another mine-game you will participate in a tug of war, this game was popular in Korea in ancient times. Summarizing it can be said that this game will attract anyone’s attraction and will bring a lot of impressions and unforgettable emotions. Pluck up your courage and take part in this fascinating Crab Game.

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