Crab Game Squid

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Do you like horror games? Do you want to jangle your nerves? Do you miss some extreme and excitement in your life? Then this sensational game is exactly what you need. Crab Game, inspired by the series Squid Game, is gaining more and more popularity every day. Participants compete in children’s games. However, these games rather can be called death competitions. The authors of the project changed both the mini-games themselves and the visual design so that it just resembled a successful show on Netflix. It has been loved by many fans of horror games. When playing it, you can let off steam and cut fully loose. You will have to play a number of children’s games that are essentially difficult and not harmless, as it may seem at first glance. It will just suffice to mention the scary doll, which is able to make your blood freeze. Just remember one important thing – you should stop moving or running when the doll is looking at you The game is distinguished from other similar projects. The difference is that, in this game, it is allowed you to compete with real players, and not with bots, and at a large number of levels. Crab Game contains 28 levels, 9 modes, and supports up to 35 players in one lobby. It also has a voice chat, without which, according to the developer, the game would be much worse. Among the tasks, there are innovative ones, a kind of analog of the well-known tag game, and there are games from the Squid Gam series, for example, race on glass panels. You will be definitely surprised by a variety of tasks. Here you will run, jump, cut the molds from the cookies, drag the rope, and play other different traditional Korean games. To sum up, it can be said that this fascinating game can be considered one of the best among all popular horror games. Summon up your courage and take part in this competitive arcade game.

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