The Sims Games

In online reality, you can forget about who you really are and live the way you want! The Sims games are the most complete simulator of human existence, covering all aspects of our life. Here you create a person from scratch and shape them entirely – from the inner world to social interactions. You can choose for whether you character will have a totally different hair color, character and habits, or will repeat the real you in everything.

Make a character from scratch!

Perhaps the most important and demanded function of a life simulator is the ability to customize the appearance of your avatar. The character constructor is not only a means of reproducing the appearance of real people, but also an amazing tool for creativity and development of design skills.  You can experiment with different facial traits, skin colors and hair styles. There is even an option to pick up and outfit for several occasions and switch from formal to casual, from sleepwear to winter jacket right during the gameplay!

When your hero is ready, he or she needs to live somewhere. So the next step is to find a house in the part of the virtual city you like best. You can furnish the place to your liking and upgrade it with any furniture and decor. Of course, to do that, you’re going to need money. And of course there is a way to earn enough of it in Sims games! You just have to find a job and make a career. There are plenty of them to choose from here. You can try your hand at business, get hired in the local newspaper, become a sport star, teach kids at school or even go down a criminal path. Depending on how diligently you perform your responsibilities during work hours, whether you get late for work and how well you complete side quests connected with it, you will get promoted slower or faster!

Live a full life!

Once you get home from work, there are plenty of other exciting things waiting for you to do. You can go to the park and have a picnic, swim and get tanned at the beach, visit the gym to get fit, learn to play a musical instrument, hang out at a night club or simply go meet your neighbors. The city is full of characters that can become your friends. And who knows, perhaps you will even find your soulmate among them! Together you can start a family and have kids. And when those kids grow up, they can find someone to marry as well and have children of their own. Won’t it be great to become a grandpa or grandma? Enjoy our amazing Sims games, realize your dreams in the virtual world and have fun!