Games for more than two players allow you to immerse yourself into an endless competitive atmosphere of a real time battle. Most of them are based on similar formats: survival (mostly till the only players stays alive); shooting (whether in groups or one against everyone); fighting, and more. Some of these games bring you to a location like a distant lonely island, where you and 100+ more players collide in a severe battle. The main aim is to find as many weapons and defense armor as you can before the fight actually starts. You enter the game bear handed, uncovered, and every second is valuable, so you need to act fast. As the time in such games is mostly limited, at some point the available map will start becoming smaller and smaller. When the location becomes limited enough, the collisions between players are unavoidable. You can hide, fight, and try to do everything to survive. These games are united under the genre of battle royale and are the most popular among multiplayers. Fortnite is the most well-known title known as battel royale, but there are more of them, including famous Counter Strike and PUBG.

The other extremely popular multiplayers are Io games. These are simple and very adorable title launched years ago. The first one was a story about microscopic organisms – the cells. The life of a cell is pretty complicated and severe, if you think about it. They have to fight with other cells to get more territory and fulfil their main functions. In most cases, one type of a cell absorbs another one. Sounds like a story from the wild nature and the predators, who need to survive in a hostile world. The developers used this idea to create a stunning title about the cells that eat one another and grow. The game was a great success and the developers started creating more similar products. The format is always the same: in most Io titles, you play for a character with the same or similar characteristics as the others and fight them to grow. Becoming a leader and the largest one on the field is your aim, which is not that easy to reach. The capacities are usually limited: you can move, gather food or other objects that make you larger, and defeat the rivals. We have a large collection of Io games at our site and once you will start playing them, you will see how addictive simple and repetitive games can be. Enter the world of incredible multiplayers and join other gamers from all over the globe now! Compete, cooperate, fight, and become the winner!