Baldis Basics

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Math is not so simple. However, when your teacher is a mad man, the complexity of formulas and tasks become not so important. Now your main problem is actually him! This is Baldi, your new math teacher, and he will kill you if you fail to fulfill his tasks. The problem is that nobody really can do that because the tasks were create that way. Yes, they are absolutely unbreakable and even a math genius could do nothing about that. However, Baldi doesn’t care about that and he will chase you every time you disappoint him! In this strange school, you will meet more characters, who will try to make some problems to you. These are Bladi’s friends and they are strange as he is.

You will walk across the rooms and corridors in a large school where you have been locked. The task is to find a particular number of note books, where the unsolvable tasks are written. You will understand that trying to solve them is useless, because they were not created this way. So just run away, run as fast as you can, and try not to get captured. When you will manage to gather all the notebooks and if you won’t get insane till that moment – you will finally leave this school. Forever.

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